Renata Provost, CD(DONA), LE, NCS
Serving the Bay Area, CA
Support and Confidence
A birth doula is a non medical birthing helper who is trained to provide calm, abiding help, emotional and physical support for mothers in labor. A doula supports you through your pregnancy. At birth, the doula helps with emotional support, physical
support, space, and comfort. She can also work to help include partners and other family members in helping with facilitating the labor if the mother chooses. So, while it might not be possible to choose the doctor who will deliver your baby, or to have your favorite nurse stay for extra shift, you can certainly choose someone who will be beside you throughout the process of your pregnancy and will bring a strong, positive emotional experience to your birth.
For mothers and families who feel more comfortable delivering their baby in a hospital, a hospital environment may bring certain situations that can emotionally impact a mother. Shift changes of hospital staff and the uncertainly of which doctor will delivery the baby can make it difficult for the mother to build a consistent and trustworthy relationship with her care-providers. Furthermore, amidst the intense process of labor and the hustle and bustle of hospital practices, it 
can be easy toforget one's birth plan intentions or become overwhelmed with the labor experience. A birth doula will help a mother in labor and her family to feel much more at ease by providing continual support throughout the birthing process.